LG GSA-H22L in XP Home, refuses to recognize lightscribe discs

Hello everyone,
I recently bought a SAMSUNG Dvd Burner with Light Scribe.

…big mistake.

So now I’m with this LG GSA H22L model DVD+RW, with Light Scribe support. It seems to burn data and audio CDs fine from both the Windows Explorer cd burner on XP, and iTunes on XP, both types on LightScribe-ready discs*…but when i go to make a label in Nero CoverDesigner, i go to ‘print light scribe label’, click ‘print’ on the next window, and I wait a few moments while it says it’s “waiting for the drive to become ready”. Then, a few seconds later, the tray pops open, with the LightScribe disc still inside, and no label on it.

An alert on my screen then says “LightScribe information in the middle of the disc could not be read”. I’m absolutely positive that what I bought* are Lightscribe ready discs.

NOTICE: Both the drive AND the discs are retail items! No OEM, no used, no open box, or anything. Sealed in a retail box from LG themselves.

*These are the discs I bought: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817115020

Thanks for any help.
Josh Edgar

Nevermind, I pulled a stupid. I forgot you’re supposed to put the discs face DOWN for labeling heh. I’m kind of noob when it comes to this stuff :stuck_out_tongue: