LG GSA-H22L & H22N DMA Mode Setting

I am having problems with the LG drives.
After not being able to select DMA Mode at all only PIO, and now
after a change in the BIOS, find that the 'H22L is set to DMA Mode 4.

When I now write a DVD with NERO v6.6.1.15 , and after a
successful write it fails with several errors when Verifying.

Using a different LG GWA4164B drive (in DMA Mode 2) the CRC Check
is the same as the original, but doing the CRC Check in the 'H22L
gives a different value.

Is there anyway of forcing the 'H22L drive into DMA Mode 2 to
slow the transfers a little??. I never write at more than 4X in NERO
so I am not pushing the drive although on verify in NERO the read
speed rises to about 10X. Can’t see a way of fixing the verify speed
at 4X also.

I am using WinXP Home

Any help will be much appreciated.
thank you

Sorry if this is covered anywhere else, but have searched high and low.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. The DMA mode is probably not the problem.

Possible problems:
Bad media.
Burning too slowly.
Media incompatible with drive.
Drive needs firmware update.
Bad drive.

What discs are you using? Burning 16x discs at 4 x will probably produce bad results. Burn at the rated speed or a little less.

You could run CDspeed and get the disc’s MID code. And run a transfer rate test while you are there.

If your computer is really slow and it can’t handle faster burns, you will need to use media rated at 4x or maybe 8x.

I’m assuming the DMA mode 4 is not being dropped down to mode 2 or PIO mode by XP. If that’s happening, you have errors on the IDE channel. That will happen if you are using the older 40 conductor IDE ribbon cable, or a bad cable.

LG GSA-H22L & H22N DMA Mode Setting

thanks steveb for your quick response.

I am using a DELL Dimension 3100 which has a 3.1GHz Celeron.
the cable is a fixed one in the DELL but it is probably the 80 core
type. Iam using 4X DVD +RW media and have not had any problems
previously on my other writers. e.g. LG GWA4164B which is the
master to the LG GSA-H22L slave. As I’ve said I never write any
faster than 4X, and with this media 4X is the max.

I thought DMA Mode affected the burst speed for data so I thought
it might have been something to do with the data rate but I stand
corrected if I’m on the wrong track.

I will investigate using CD Speed and see if there are any clues there

thanks again

PS I have recently done a FW upgrade from 1.00 to 1.02 as part of
my testing but it has made no difference to my problem.

It could be that your media is wearing out. I have found that rewritable DVD media isn’t very robust. I don’t get anywhere nearly the write cycles that I’m supposed to get.

Your burner supports DVD-RAM media which is extremely long-lived with good care. I don’t know if it will work for your application, but if it does, spend the bucks on a couple of these discs and try them out. They are horridly expensive compared to -RW or +RW media (maybe five to seven bucks a disc) but they are worth it.

to steve b.

following your advice re ‘Nero CD-DVD Speed’, the test fails
after a short interval with the following error message. I’m
not sure what it’s trying to tell me though.

Is anyone able to interpret it for me … thanks if you can.


thanks also to PhotoJim for your comments on RW Media, I do use
DVD-RAM frequently for various movie tasks.

It does seem to be a problem on the IDE channel. I think that if you get many of these, XP will cut the DMA down to DMA mode 2 or PIO. That’s not usually a cure though. Especially PIO mode is a bad thing because you will get high CPU usage and show burning.

I’m not sure what the problem is. If you search for that error message, you will get many hits. In at least one case, the problem was the 40 conductor cable, but not in all cases apparently. It could also be a damaged cable or one of the connectors could be loose.



Just in case, you should try different media to see what happens. As has been said, multiple burns can degrade the burn quality quickly. How quickly depends on the quality of the media and the ability of a particular burner to handle DVD+RW. Most burners do a lousy job. My best DVD+RW burner is my old Lite-On 1693.

I think Verbatim DVD+RW discs are the best and Ridata and Memorex are the worst.

P.S. I’ve never heard of a fixed cable. Are you sure it isn’t plugged in to a connector on the motherboard? These darned cables are a hassle. If you unplug or re-plug the cable on the motherboard, try to not put too much stress on the mobo. Mine are near the edge and I try to support the board when I yank or push.

It will be good when everything is converted to SATA.