LG GSA-H20N : Post your scans and questions here

Well, I think its a bit odd to start such topic without any scan to show here. Unfortunately I don’t own a Lite-on burner to make the scans and I’m still concerned about the writing quality of the H20N :sad:

So, please, H20N owners, put in this topic your scans and questions about the H20N (I think its not too soon because the H22N is newer and some people here already got it :slight_smile: :iagree: :bigsmile: :smiley: )

And my main question is (again :bigsmile: ) : will be possible to crossflash it to H22N? Also, I’ve updated to 1.01 firmware and noticed the .exe file is just a compressed file with a .exe (the flasher), the binary file (the firmware itself) and a .ini file. Is this common in the Panasonic chipset-based LG drives? :confused:

(sorry for my bad english)

Yes, all panasonic chipset firmware packages for LG drives contain a flasher and a separate firmware binary file.

The chipsets used by both writers look to be of different models, so at first glance, I’d say no. However, the other thing we usually look for is if the bootcode in the firmware is the same. If it is, then there is a chance it might work. We need a firmware update release for each of those writers to check the bootcode. We have one for the H20N but we need to wait for a firmware update for the H22N to be released in order to check the bootcode for that.

Or someone could come up with a firmware reading tool for LG drives…

Just bought a H20N, and it’s reading speed is way too low. I put a CD or DVD in and it takes between twenty and forty seconds to recognize it. Writing speed seems ok. Is this a hardware problem? What should I do?


you can use MCSE to remove some riplocks.

Huh. Sorry, but what’s MCSE and what’s a riplock? :o

MCSE=MediaCodeSpeedEdit. There is a sticky thread about it.
Riplock=Speedlimit by firmware.

Reading the LG writer [B]FAQ [/B]is very recommended :wink:


Thanks (and sorry for not reading the stickies), but I don’t wish to void my warranty unless I’m totally sure it’ll solve my problem. Upon further inspection, I found out that the reading speed is probably ok - the drive just needs a while to “warm up”. Any idea about the reason of the problem? Should I try to RMA it?

*******added support for HL-DT-STDVDRRW GSA-H20N 1.01
load firmware gsa-h20n 1.01 no load in MediaCodeSpeedEdit???
Can you set the firmware in the media code speed for recognize direct GSA-H20N 1.01???

In (bad :bigsmile: ) English:

Install WINRAR. Right-click in the firmware file. Uncompress it on a folder: you will see a .inf file, a .exe file and a .bin file. YOU MUST load THIS BIN FILE in the MediaCodeSpeedEdit. Don’t try to load the .exe you have downloaded: it will not work in this case.

Now, in plain portuguese:

Instale o winrar, clique com o botão direito no arquivo que você baixou. Vai aparecer a opção de descompactar. Crie uma pasta e mande ele descompactar nela. Você verá 3 arquivos: um arquivo BIN, outro EXE e um INF. É este arquivo BIN que você tem que abrir no MediaCodeSpeedEdit e não o executável que você baixou.

I hope I’m not breaking any rule here writing in portuguese. I did it because I think the lucas87rs user may have some difficult to understand english :bigsmile: .

@lucas87rs: Please read the forum rules. Posting the same question in several threads (crossposing) is forbidden. Your question was already answered in the MCSE thread.

Is the LG GSA-H20N the same as the LG GSA-4166B? They look = from outside

thx in advance!

No, they are not. The chipset used for each is of a different model. See here :


So there is no way they can be the same. The features are slightly different, but I cannot remember the exact differences. Maybe someone else who knows can tell you.

LG writers have a habit of sometimes looking very similar from the outside. So that isn’t a good indication of whether certain models are identical.

My GSA-H20N have about 7 months of use and from a hour to other it doesn´t read any media (virgin or not) except some original medias and some wrote by itself. I have updated the firmware to version 1.01 but the problem remains. When I put medias into windows (or Nero) return message requesting to insert a disk into drive.
When it recognizes the disk it reads the disk fine without errors.

Helo yumacolt,

I would check the cable first. I have a H20L for about 7 months and it’s working fine. It’s made in China in April 2006. Also, try to use 1.02 firmware (see us.lgservice.com)

Sony T02 Burned at 8x Scanned with Samsung SH-S162L at 8X.

Hi all,

I have been using this GSA-H20N for soem time, not entirely satisfied… have made quite a few coasters. Have tried various media, the costly ones i could find in the market… (mostly moser baer), but often end up with “verify failure”. Then I upgraded the FW to 1.02, and is a bit better, but not ‘Good’.

  • I am presently using a 40-conductor cable. Will it help if i make it a 80-conductor cable?.

  • I was thinking if there is an upgraded version of firmware, but apparently 1.02 is the latest.

  • Am trying to understand what MicroCodeSpeedEdit can do… how i can make my drive better… But don’t want to rush anything lest i damage my drive for good (And buy a new one… a better one… doesn’t sound bad either)

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards