LG GSA-H20L: manual


has anyone seen an electronic version of the manual for LG’s GSA-H20L? LG doesn’t seem to be distributing anything on its site(s), and my searches have turned up nothing.

I bought an unboxed version and would like the manual, just for reference.:rolleyes:


well, i bought a boxed H10L and it didn’t come with a manual…
go to http://us.lgservice.com/ , click on the Owner’s Manual icon, click DVD-ROM(Writer) category, click to page 5 (at the bottom of the list) and then click Next to go to page 6.

off topic:
i find it very odd that a LG service website has a Manual download for the GWA-4164B.
GWA means OEM, right? so supposedly no support from LG.

on topic:
LG service websites suck!

I found a manual for it on the german site but it was an empty download (should have been 450kb pdf)

Ah, indeed! After months, it has now appeared on the German site. BTW, my download was not empty, it was okay.

D’uh! It wasn’t there the last time I checked…unless they redirected me to some other site.:doh:

Many thanks!

the file is also on the german and australian sites, wasn’t in the canadian site.
the trickey thing is that when scrolling the list of manuals it only shows you (at the bottom) 1,2,3,4,5. you need to go to page 5 and click the “next” link to get to page 6, which is where the manual you want.
BTW the pdf file in the us, gb, de sites are identical.