LG GSA H12N Problem with burnig speed!

Few days ago I bought LG GSA H12N DVD. But I noticed that I cant burn DVD-R with a 2x speed. DVD’s description states that it can burn DVD with such speed. The only options I have with TDK DVD-R are 4x 8x 12x 16x. I tried Burning with NERO and DVDDecrypter.

My Firmware version is UL01.

I need to solve this problem in order to burn ps2 games, and since my console is not reading any DVD’s burned with speed above 2x.

Thank you in advance.


OK I did some reaserch and found out that there is a new firmware to my LG (UL02) but I am not sure if upgradeing it will solve my problem as in fixed problems they mention compatibility with Vista and some other minor fixes but among them I could not find “solved 2x writing speed”

Reading few posts on this forum I have found a topic by ala42 “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for LG DVD-writers”. Among key features of this program I found point number 5 “Reducing DVD write speed”.

Does that mean I can force my DVD-RW to write at 2x speed ?? Will NERO and other burning programs see that speed.

Or is there another way for my computer to see “2x speed”, since what I understand MCSE program lets you force speeds not supported by DVD recorder but LG GSA H12N, can clearly write at such speed as found at its description on various sites :


I am writing this since playing with that program seems to me a bit dangerous and I dont whant to damage my brand new writer.
Thank in advance for any help you can provide me. :slight_smile:


UL02 won’t help. 2x speed is only available for older DVDs (2x and 4x), and not for 16x DVD.

For a friend, i used to burn at 4x, because it was the slowest speed available and the DVDs worked fine in his PS2.

Did you try burning a DVD at 4x with the H12N?

“Did you try burning a DVD at 4x with the H12N?”

Yes I did, but my ps2 wont read it.This is as I know bit strange since many of my friends have moded ps2 and when they burn DVD-R with 4x speed their console will read it. But my ps2 wont :sad:

Ok there is another thing that I came across on different forum. One of moderators stated that within the firmware of my burner they did not allow burning with such speed for this media.
Is that true can anyone confirm that ??

I already wrote that. But i dont know if it is able with MCSE.

Sorry. Did not meant to offend you.

All right I can see a light at the end of the tunnel :wink: can some1 confirm if this is possible?

If I have firmware UL01 do I have to up it to UL02 thewn patch UL02 and up it again to DVD or can I download UL02 patch it with MCSE and upgrade it on my current UL01??