Lg gsa h12n burned disc freezing

hi , last month burned about 30 dvds , which froze , so i cleaned the laser with a laser cleaner, opened a new pack of dvds and all seemed well , thought it was a bad pack of discs , problem solved .this week 100 discs later with a different brand of disc same thing happened , so i changed the discs ,opened a new pack ,but still froze, tried different discs, still froze , changed the fimware to latest still freeze ,
got an old pioneer of my m8 , reburned some of the same files and they all work fine no freezing ,
my question is this why does this freezing happen only sporadically, i am using ritek grade aaa media (i thought it was a batch of bad disc last time )
burning dvd files in nero 6 , i think it must be a faulty writer but if anyone has any views i would like to hear them, (ps the writer was bought in jan 07 ) cheers fred :confused:

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Most of times this issue is due to a bad burned disc, and most of times this is due to a low quality media.

Ritek discs are not the very best available. Even if with a different drive it is possible to burn them successfully, there is a high probability that after some months these discs will be unreadable again.

I suggest to do another test with a quality disc like a Verbatim or a Taiyo Yuden.

Another issue is that LG drives seems to be rather picky about the Power Supply Unit (PSU). What PSU do you have in your computer? Can you post here also the brand (the wattage only is not sufficient)?

Even if this Ritek media is called “AAA”, its still questionable media.

Get better media like Verbatim.

hi ,just to update everyone , it was the discs that were the problem ,changed to a ridisc 8x, which uses a cmc dye and everything is fine :)now .
thanks for the replys