Lg GSA-H12L vs. Pioneer 111D - for specific needs



I’ve found one store that sells these models in their black versions for: 36€ (111D) and 38€ (H12l, although they announce the H22l model on their site and told me they were the same… Cheating bastards!)
Would appreciate some tips on deciding which one is the best-buy for my needs:

I mainly look for burn quality. I use Plextor media (CD’s and DVD’s) which are the only Tayo Yuden products I can find here in Portugal, and burn then at the lowest speeds available, usually 4x for CD’s and 1x~2x for DVD’s.

I mainly burn audio CD’s and sometimes DVD’s with archive files of audio as backup for further listening. Unfortunately both drives seem not to be supported by feurio :sad: , which is a shame - if somebody can help me on this matter I would also appreciate it.

Sometimes I burn some mp3 Cd’s for car listening and use 90min CD’s which were supported by my previous MSI drive which died on me recently. I’ve read that the 111D doesn’t read these media. Is this true? But can it burn them? Can H12L handle them?

I’d like a silent drive, but it’s not that big of an issue. A big matter is the mean life-time of the drive. My MSI was 2.5 years old with very low use. I wouldn’t like it to happen again, so durability is an issue.

I understand that these are two good drives, and that sometimes it’s hard to compare similar products, but my needs are very specific and somehow unusual, and so although I’ve read all reviews about these two, I’m still undecided.

I would appreciate any 2cents into this matter.

Cheers, and thanks on advance.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

I’ve only got the 111D , flashed to a 111L with the latest firmware.

It burns CDs very well. I use Verbatim some of which are Pastels which uses the TY dye. These I burn at 16x, no need to go slower.

For DVD I use Verbatim +R & Plextor branded TY T03 & the 111 also burns these very well at 12x. Again , little need to go slower.

The burn slow better quality myth is just that - a myth. Modern media & burners are optimised for high speed burning and for 16x DVD media there should never be the need to burn slower than 8x. The vast majority of the experienced members here would endorse this view.

Whilst not adressing your main questions I that helps a little.


Thanks for the insite TimC. Have you ever used CD media bigger than 700Mb on your 111D? Did it burned and read it?
What software do you use to do audio burns on your 111D by the way?



If you can get the LG GSA-H22L you should get it instead of the H12L, because the Panasonic chipset LG burners burn CD-R at CAV instead of Z-CLV. :slight_smile:
But the LG’s quality in general is excellent. The Pio is slowly becoming outdated, you should wait for the Pioneer 112 or get LG.


Hum,…, that’s a really interesting point to look at. Never thought of that. About the 112, I believe it will take awhile until it’s released in Europe. I need the burner now, because I’m running out of HD space and need to backup stuff.
I’ll make more efforts in finding a H22N or H22L. They seem to have been replaced by the H12.


Some info on the 111 and 90min CDs.


I can only second that. Did some tests on TYG02 media with 2x 4x and 8x (on a Pio 110D) and the 8x burns look best scanned in a DW1640 Benq drive.


111L is my fav burner. I have the H22N, LiteonLH18A1P and LG4167B.

Pio burns with great quality all the time. Jitter levels are low, it always burns perfect on Verbatim media and TY.

H22N only allows like four cd-r speeds. 16, 24, 40, 48 If I remember correctly. Pio offers a few more speeds.


Thank you chef for the reference. I Don’t know how in the world I missed that part of the review :rolleyes:. Thanks to the insights from you all, I’m now more inclined to the 111D. The burn quality is reported excellent with many CD media, but having some incompatibility issues with some media. Since I’ll mainly use Plextor (TY) media, this won’t be a problem.

Has anyone used Plextor CD’s (48x) and DVD’s (16x) with the 111D? Or is there any test report with this particular hardware conjugation?

Thanks again in advance.