LG GSA H12L - Auto Update

I keep getting notified of an update of my H10L>H12L_VL02_RPC2, to GSA-H12L_VL12.
I run the Auto updater and it gets to 10% or so, then fails and tells me to manually download the Firmware.
When the LG site is up, the latest GSA H12L firmware is VL02?
Currently the site, worldwide, seems down.
My LG H12L, jumpered to Master, is currently the only Burner on my secondary IDE channel.

What gives?
Anyone else having a similar experience?

Any suggestions as to what may be going on? or in this case, not going on?

There is no VL12 Firmware. Many sites show a VL12 firmware, but linked the VL02 firmware. So maybe its just a mistake because of the H10N and H10L firmware version JL12 and LL12.

Also a UL12 is displayed, but there is only a UL02.

Thanks for the heads up.
As an experiment I reflashed with the stock VL02 firmware, from Speedpatched version.
Now the updater does not find any new firmware for the LG GSA-H12L.