Lg Gsa-h10nbal

Not sure whre I can get a firmware update for this drive to remove the riplock on it and remove the region coding (rpc1). I have seen firmware for various GSA-H10 drives but never with the exact same model no. - what should I be looking for ?

You can use TDB’s patched firmware here for RPC1. IIRC, you can use MSCE to remove the riplock.

The information you are looking for is covered in the LG Burners FAQ sticky in this forum, but to answer quickly the riplock more than likely be removed using the MCSE utility.
RPC1 removed versions of the firmware can be found in TDB’s site. Any of the GSA-H10 firmwares there should work on your drive.
Still I recommend reading the FAQ sticky thouroughly before doing anything and be willing to risk losing any warranty on your drive using any of this items.

KTL replied more quickly I see. :flower:

thanks for those replies.

It’s over ayear old so there is no warranty involved. I will get them a try - thanks again. I wasn’t sure it was as simple as that.