LG GSA-H10NB oem DVD nooooooobie question

Just received my LG oem dvd writer from NewEgg (nice service btw) and it is definately bare bones. No install CD, no literature etc. I’ve been reading quite a few posts on the LG H10N forum and I’m more confused than when I started :slight_smile: My question: How do get this guy up and running once I have installed it in my pc (Windows XP H.E.). Do I need to download drivers, software, voodoo spells from the LG website?

Please speak in simple language, as if you’re talking to a 12 year old LOL. I’m not really that familiar with all the jargon yet…e.g. I have no idea what firmware for a dvd burner is, altho I suspect I will soon :rolleyes: Thanks in advance.

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Once mounted the drive (be sure that jumpers are set correctly and cable are plugged correctly), you don’t need to install any drivers. Windows will identify the drive and will install anything necessary automatically.

Thank you geno. Sounds easy enough. The cable I’ll have no problem with but would you care to suggest a good setting for the jumpers? Also, what exactly is firmware and why/how would a person use it?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Jumper settings are related on your computer configuration.

Do you have other drives? How many drives do you have installed on your computer? How many hard discs?

Firmware contains all the information necessary to write on discs, and this information is stored internally on the drive. The burning software will use information stored in the firmware to burn your discs.

I have the CD writer that came with the pc (HP Pavilion 503n…about 3 1/2 years old). Just upgraded the original 40 GB Hard drive to a 160 gb and cloned everything over using Acronis True Image (great stuff). And of course a floppie drive that never once worked :iagree:

I’ll be exchanging the CD writer for the LG h10n and I’ll use either Nero, or a program I just downloaded from LG called 1Click DVD copy pro. What I wish to burn are torrents that i’ve downloaded from the 'net. They’re all in “ripped from DVD to DivX format (.AVI)” and I have no idea if they are copyright protected or not. They’re fairly harmless things like old HBO shows that I’ve never seen and some Daily Shows that I missed. Maybe a movie or two. They play just fine on my monitor but I would like to watch them on my larger tv. Hope this helps and any other tips or advice is always appreciated.

If you plan to have on your computer only the main HDD and the DVD burner, then I suggest to set drives in this way:

  1. the HDD as master in primary IDE channel (as should be already)
  2. the DVD burner as master in secondary IDE channel

Be sure to set jumpers as Master in the burner and connect the drive in the external connector (not the intermediate one) of the IDE cable.

If you want, it’s possible to connect also the old CD drive, and you can set it as slave on the primary or the secondary IDE channel as you like, it should make no difference.

Right you are again. I found the owner’s manual on LG’s website and they suggest the exact same configuration. Very easy to get the unit up and running; now if I could just figure out how to burn dvd’s…it ain’t like the old days of ripping mpegs and mp3s to CD I’ll tell ya that. I’ve tried more s/w programs than I care to mention and I still haven’t gotten anything accomplished. I’ll keep reading and learning. Thanks again for your help.