LG GSA-H10N vs Pioneer DVR111 DBK

Recently upgraded my computer and I’ve been having some burn problems with the LG GSA-H10N (firmware JL10) that came with it. Two out of the six DVDs I’ve burnt so far have failed. Of course this could be the drive not liking the cheapish Ritek media, but I haven’t had much problem before.

Anyway at some point I checked the invoice and noticed that I was supposed to be given a Pioneer DVR111 DBK, not an LG at all.

So now I’m wondering, should I complain? What do you think? The Pioneer sounds like it produces better quality, but is less flexible. Would I be any better off or should I just buy better media?

I think I had enough experience with LG Burner in the past. LG worked good with DVD discs produced last year or older. I had at least 30% of coaster when writing on newer disc even at 2x or 4x. Pioneer is really good in reading & writing any type of DVD without any coaster except for some CDs. Hence, if you can, just swap the Pioneer DVR111 DBK back & don’t waste the time.

Why should the Pio be less flexible? You can flash it with a firmware such that it supports DVD-RAM up to 5x speed and Labelflash. Unlike the H10N it can also be used as a (poor) scanner.