LG GSA-H10N vs. Lite-On SHM-160P6S

Which is the better burner, the LG GSA-H10N or the Lite-On SHM-160P6S? By better burner I mean better at burning a wide variety of media. I know the Lite-On is a superior reader and ripper, but that’s not what I want to talk about right now. I’m only asking because I can get either for $10 AR.

Oh, and for the arrogant, I already own two DW1640s and two DW1650s, so you can save any lectures for someone who needs them. :cop:

Buy both for that price as they are both good drives but there are newer models out now.

Well, if you only use the most compatible media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell MIJ, I would recommend the LG (well, the LG burns with high jitter, so that may be a problem).
But if you use a lot of different (rare and odd) media, maybe the LiteOn can be better as it has HyperTuning, Online HyperTuning and stuff like that.

It’s a tie, actually (IMO).

I have relatively the same problem. I cant decide on which one of these 2 to keep. Can someone post a quick comparison for these 2 drives?
I am sure there a lot of people who will benifit from it.
Thank you

I would keep them both. Unless you just have to have a newer drive. I read you can crossflash the H10N>H12N not sure how but i imagine you can find it in the LG forum. Use the Lite-On for scanning/burning. The LG won’t scan.

i Just realised something is there a diffrence between SHM-160P6S and SHW-160P6S