LG GSA-H10N problem

Hi all,

my GSA-H10N has problems burning with a Ritek008 DVD+RW 8x (Ridata)

It was at JL10 , i flashed it to JL11 yet to no avail.

Are there any known popular brands of DVD+RW 8x I can use, because I’m afraid that the problem may lie with the burner itself.


Hello aaur4man and welcome to the forum.

It’s hard to say if it is your drive or the discs. Ritek isn’t exactly known to make the best media around.

The only other known 8x DVD+RW discs in the market are Ricohs. Verbatim apparently also makes 8x DVD+RW discs but they have apparently delayed shipment of the discs because they ran into some kind of problems with production. As a result, Verbatim 8x DVD+RW discs have only seen the light of day in drive reviews.

thanks for the reply. I just bought another Memorex DVD+RW 8x and its Ritek008 too (sadly) and the same thing happens. my LG cant format it, just like the Ridata one.

and sadly again, memorex was all i could find in the store.

Update: It cant format a new DVD+RW 4X too. Now this LG cant do any formatting. Any help?

Try flashing to the JL10 firmware, see if that makes any difference.

Edit: oops, just realized there’s no JL10 available.

I’ve been having some weird blank disc recognizing errors with the H10N, and am also using JL11. I see a couple other people have reported issues that are not completely different. My problems go away after a reboot.


the writer came with JL10 and couldnt format the dvd rw, which was why i flashed it to JL11. i’ll bring it back to the shop i got it from and see if i can get a replacement.

I will update on this.


Update: Its not the writer, I dont know whats wrong.

My other TDK writer wouldnt format a dvd rw too, though it could before i built this rig: ASUS P5B
Intel C2D

Now Im sure its some driver or motherboard issue. Any help?

Final Update:

I Flashed my ASUS P5B to newest BIOS 0509.
Formatted Windows.
This time I did not install RAID Driver for it for fear of the same error.
I did install the Intel Chipset INF driver updates.

Installed all the same programs including the WinXp security updates.

It works now. Nero formats DVD RW even faster than DVD Decryptor now.

Ok I have no more brand new DVD RWs to test, so i guess this is it.

Well, you can always reformat some of the older RW discs you had that refused to work initiallly. If those work now when they didn’t before, it at least tells you the drive will work with them now.

It’s strange how much IDE drivers can affect the performance of a writer. If that really is what caused your problems, then take comfort in the fact that you are not the only person who has had IDE drivers messing up the ability to use a DVD writer properly.

dear mod,

how do i reformat them?
couldnt find the option in DVD Decryptor or Nero.

It only does a format once for an unused rw.

By the way I found out the cause:

I installed it, cant format.
Uninstalled it and it is formatting a dvdrw now.

im a newbie to this, maybe i should change the BIOS settings if i install the raid drivers, or i shouldnt install at all if im not using it.

In Nero just put the disc in the drive and choose Recorder -> Erase Rewritable Disc.
you can also do it in CDSpeed Extra -> Erase disc.