LG GSA-H10N : Post your scans and questions here

Made in China March 2006
Firmware JL10
Maxell 12x DVD-RAM “Test Disc”
Obviously, we don’t yet know what value a PI/PIF scan has on DVD-RAM…
CD Freaks review is scheduled!

i encounter invalid block address when trying to burn in lg gsa-h10n with lg dvd+r 16x and mitsubishi dvd+r 8x and even tdk 12x cd-rw…

how to solve the invalid block address?

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Wow, 12x DVD-RAM.
That really looks good in any perspective, except 4.27GB…

awesome timing for a DVDRAM burn!

Wished I had such a test disc in my hands as well, too bad I just have the test drive. lol

5:40 for a 12x burn??? Wow!

Verbatim branded MCC 03RG20 16x DVD-R

Kprobe and transfer test.

Verbatim branded 2.4x DVD+R DL

I had burned exactly the same media with H10A@H10N JJ11. The results are good.

Look at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1421608&postcount=96

This time with Maxell branded 2.4x DVD+R DL
ISO burned with ImgBurn.

Wow, this is an incredible result!

The difference between the two sets of results (zhadoom’s and yours) is the firmware version. This is assuming that a crossflashed H10N=standard H10N of course.

I think there is supposed to be a version of JL11 going around, but from where I’m not sure. LG’s service websites don’t have that yet but I seem to have seen a few screenshots of H10Ns with JL11 loaded.

Verbatim branded MKM 003 8x DVD+R DL



What are the differences (if any) between the OEM and Retail versions of this drive? I know sometimes Retail versions may have a different flaceplate or different firmware… or even better burning quality and I’m just wondering specifically about this drive?


Actually, I haven’t heard of any OEM versions of this drive up till now. There are two kinds of OEM LG writers :
a. retail (GSA) model sold as just the plain drive without software/cables/manuals/all 3.
b. mutant (slightly different) model number, especially non GSA models

Type a is acceptable (if you don’t care about the software, cables or manuals). Type b is NOT (see below).

The general rule for OEM LG writers covers two things :

  1. The model number
    If the model number is identical (i.e. GSA-H10N), it should be ok to purchase the drive. Do not accept GWA, GCA, GMA or any other letter combination. Only GSA models are acceptable. You will have a lot of trouble finding firmware updates and getting support for the other non GSA models because LG does not support these models itself.

Also, if the number differs slightly (e.g. GSA-H11N - not that I have ever hard of such a model), avoid the drive as well for the same reasons.

  1. Firmware version
    Some OEM versions of the LG writers may have different firmware version formats. Currently two are known to exist for the H10N : JLxx and JJxx. Both are acceptable.

Good luck!

What about this one…


It seems fine, correct?

I asked the same question a while back
This is the part number so you are good to go. Part #: GSA-H10N-BK.

Testing halted.
Review aborted.