LG GSA-H10N or SH-S182D


I’m going to buy one of these two Burners.
I’m using a Teac CDW-540E CDRW Burner at at moment and I want to replace it.
What I need is excellent Audio Burn Quality cause i’m a musician.
And DVD-Ram for Backup capability.

First I wanted to buy a Plextor Burner, but most of them don’t have DVD-Ram
only the 750 which I don’T want, cause it’s not a real Plextor Burner.

So, what do you think of these two Burner, do they have the same good burn quality on Audio CD’s. And do they have good burn quality in DVD’s?
I know the reviews on several websites very well, but what do you think?

Just wait for some reviews appearing.


jitter is something, that matters with audio CDs. I personally experienced, that my LG4163 has lower jitter than my Samsung SHW163A. I doubt, that the successors of these drives behave totally different in that case.


I just bought a Samsung SH-S182D and I am not impressed yet. CDs are very good even at 48x but I had no success with DVDs so far. I don’t have a good drive for quality tests (Aopen 1648 AAP Pro), but if for ex. a Ricoh 16x burnt 16x is unreadable, case is clear. Btw, no quality or error scans possible with the Samsung.
But the jitter is lower (4-7%) here than with the LG.

Quality scan them with Nero CD DVD Speed and burn with VERIFY before you say the target is unreadable…


You have to edit your registry in order to use the Samsung for scanning with CD/DVD Speed. Search the Samsung forum for further information.


Thank you!

By the time you wrote it, i found that info myself. Sorry.
For other newbies:
Delete your writer (“TSST”) here…

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

Do you think a LG or Samsung is as good as my Teac CDW 540E Burner for Audio and writing quality? Or is it better to buy a Plextor 760?

H10N review :


No jitter tests with CD burning though but there are CD writing tests.

The high jitter levels mentioned with DVD burning are shown only when the discs burned are scanned with a BenQ writer. Scans done by other members of this forum with Lite-On writers don’t show anything that high (about max 11%). Also, owners of this drive have tested the DVD discs burned with various devices and none have shown problems playing the discs back. What that means is that the jitter levels shown by BenQ writers are inaccurate for discs burned with this writer. So please disregard the comment about high jitter levels for DVD burning mentioned in the review.

Otherwise, this thing has very good 16x burn quality. I know that isn’t your main concern, but it might be useful one day.

DVD-RAM use should be fine. The H10N supports 12x DVD-RAM but before you get carried away, it needs special 12x DVD-RAM discs for that which currently can only be found in Japan. However, it still works with 5x or 3x DVD-RAM discs. It’s just a bonus for the future.