LG GSA-H10N/L vs. H20N/L vs. H22N/L

I must admit that I am not up-to-date when it comes to new LG drives. A few days ago I read a lot about the new drives (H10L, H22N/L and H30N).
I already know that H1xx is Renesas and H2xx is Panasonic, but does anybody know whether a H12x model (18x speed with Renesas) is in the works?
Does the SATA H30N use a Renesas chipset, and will it do 12x DVD-RAM?
Are the rumors true that LG will release a LabelFlash-capable drive?

And the final question: will CDfreaks release a few new reviews? :smiley:

info about GSA-H30N:
the H30N is a Panasonic chipset. see here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1498363&postcount=18
and yes it does 12x DVD-RAM.

as for a H12x model - a Renesas chipset 18x drive - probably no-one knows…

Actually, nobody is really sure that the H22N uses a Panasonic chipset. It just looks that way from the specs on LG’s page :


16x CAV usually means a Panasonic chipset writer. However, the specs on LG’s pages have been known to be wrong on occasion. There was one situation where the US LG website claimed in two different places that the GSA-4167B was both a UDMA2 and a UDMA4 IDE device (it’s a UDMA2 device).

Haven’t heard a peep about a 18x Renesas chipset writer though. 18x P-CAV would be very nice. I’ve seen a 16x P-CAV burn of a full disc in 5:18, so an under 5min burn for 18x P-CAV isn’t really far fetched.

All I can tell you is that the H20N is quieter than the H10A:


well, i posted this link: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=187193
it seems quite clear there from drunkndisordly’s postings (#6,#18) that the drive is Panasonic chipset.

Umm well, drunkndisordly was pretty clear but he was talking about the H30N. I was referring to the H22N. I think some wires got crossed a bit :slight_smile:

absolutely right, my bad. sorry about that.
( i guess i didn’t notice you were talking about the H22 since kg_evilboy wasn’t asing about the H22’s chipset but about the H30’s).
please be kind enough to delete the last 2 posts and this one too (clean up unnecessary clutter). TIA.