LG GSA-H10N [JL11] No multisession?

Hi guys, I’ve got a problem with my LG that i can’t burn a multisession disc dvd neither cd. Sorry I can but it has kind of automatic bitsetting and makes discs DVD-ROM and CD-ROM so I cannot continue the multisession. Is there any possibility to turn it off?
Thanks in advance.

Your drive does not automatically do bitsetting (i.e. by hardware). It’s the software you are using that is doing the “automatic” bitsetting for you.

However, I don’t really understand why that should cause the problems you have. My software (Nero 6.6) does the same “automatic” bitsetting as well, and I don’t have a problem with multi-session discs.

I’m using Nero and I think it not do bitsetting for me. I’ve got an LiteOn 1213s to and when burning on it there is no problem. No bitsetting to DVD-ROM or CD-ROM, and no problem with multisession. So I think it has to be hardware setting or maybe firmware. However thank you.

you have to select the appropriate action in Nero to do bitsetting. maybe right now it’s set to leave the disc as it is.

@dodecahedron I set it to physical disc type and that works. :bigsmile: It still says DVD-ROM but I can do multisession discs Thank you. :bow:
:edit @karangguni It was set to automatic first, sorry I didn’t noticed it before.

welcome, glad things worked out.

I’m glad too. Thanks one more time.