LG GSA-H10N install problems

Hi all, am I glad to find this forum hopefully you can help me out as I’m completely baffled and lost as to what to do…

I have just fitted the drive into my pc and although it seems to be able to read whatever disc I have put in it (for example a dvd) it never actually loads up the disc and just freezes. As it’s completely frozen I have to go into the windows task manager to stop it trying to load up. I also have a normal dvd drive in the PC which was working fine before I installed this LG drive but now my pc doesnt even seem to recognise its their now. When I try to load up the installation disc that came with the drive the computer freezes and as such I again have to go into the windows task manager to stop it trying to load.

I’m completely confused and really dont know what to do next as I feel I am constantly going round in circles trying to sort this out.

I am running windows XP, VERSION 5.1 (build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519
:service pack 2)

any help on this one is fully appreciated as its getting to the point when I’m ready to cry :sad: !


Welcome to CD Freaks,
Check the jumpers on the back of your burners. The one that is connected to the end of the IDE cable should be set to Master. The one connected to the middle of the IDE cable should be set to Slave.

ok mate but 2 be honest I aint ever installed a dvd drive before, I’ve fitted a few soundcards via pci slots and to be honest i thought this would be a lot easier then it actually was, how wrong was I?

Can u tell me which cable is what, I connected two cables to to the drive. A 4 pin plug which i connected into the far right slot of the drive (the only one where this plug would fit) and I also connected something that has many pins just beside the previous cable.

thanks 4 your help mate on this one cuz no one i know can help me out on this issue.

thanks again

I’m shocked. Just been on LG’s website amd there is no installation software for this model of drive anymore. Considering the fact that the disc I have that comes with the drive just freezes my pc when I try to load it I think I am completely screwed.
Been trying to sort this since 11.30pm, the time now is 4am and i still havnt got anywhere near to sorting it out. Brilliant!! I love PC’s I really do…!

The IDE cable is the 80 wire flat ribbon cable. The jumpers are on the back of the drive by where the cables hook in.

thanks very much for that mate i’ll try it now