LG GSA H10N external device doesn´t burn



Hi there.

I have bought a LG GSA H10N DVD Writer for using it as external device on my notebook (Acer 8x series, Intel 915PM chipset). First of all, when I used the DVDwriter as an internal device to test it, none of the errors occured, it worked perfect!
Now I plug it to my notebook, I am using USB 2.0 connection (definately supported!) and try to burn

  • sometimes problems with Nero, only 2.4x speed, often write errors, with different DVD´s
  • CloneDVD always starts to prepare the DVD, but after a few seconds, it says that an error occured, the blank DVD appears to be bad quality!

I tried several different blank DVD´s, different manufacturers, none worked. By the way, the DVD is done after this action, something is written!

So, what is your opinion, any ideas? Is it a general problem with the GSA H10 or LG, should I try another manufacturer? I am running out of ideas…

Thanks for your replies, and sorry for my english, may not be the best (I am from germany).


some LG drives do not like being in an external case.


Thanks for the fast reply. I was afraid of that, as I tried everything and it still didn´t work.
So, I think I will have to change the hardware.
I have read the forums, LiteOn is said to be good for external sollutions, is that right?



Yes. Get one of the 6S series (e.g. SHM-165P[B]6S[/B]) or its Sony clones (DW-x12xA like DW-G120A).



You may try to flash internal LG to external LG such as H10x<->L10x.


you mean: H10N -> E10N (the external equivalent of H10N)


I don´t know, always when it´s about flshing, I get a little nervous! :rolleyes:
I think I will just get a Liteon or Sony, and use the LG as an internal drive! Might probably be better, flashing the firmware sounds too dangerous for me!