LG GSA H10N does not burn cds or dvds

Hi everyone,
please help me out, i bought abrand new LG-GSA H10N dvd burner and all it does is burn data discs
whenever i try to burn a vcd or dvd movie…it stalls at 12% with an empty write buffer and spoils th disc too…

i’m using nero 6.6 with nero burning ROM all updated 2 th latest upgrades on th Nero site…
I tried it with cyberlink producer and same result
Now i’m using simulations n still th same result

Im using an 80 pin datacable, with th drive as master on th primary IDE channel…no other optical drives …and th burner is th only drive on th channel…

Processor AMD athlon 2800+ 64 bit, MB ASUS K8SMX
turned off all apps while burnin also!

data discs - cd burns fine
dvd only burns fine as multisession!

I got th drive replaced with a new one n still same result…
pls help me what can i do??

Use better media!

Hi, can you post a log from Nero? Do remove the serial number from the log first before posting though.

Also, simulation doesn’t work with your writer - it only works with certain brands and models of writers and yours isn’t one of them, I’m afraid. If you want to do tests and don’t want to waste discs, I suggest using DVD+/-RW discs for doing tests. That way you can just erase and reuse if the burn fails.

Since you’ve already had the drive changed and the problems still persist, I suspect it is something to do with the drivers in your system. The log will shed more light on this.