LG GSA-H10N decrease read speed

Hi ,
I want to slowdown a LG GSA-H10N in order to play audio cd’s and keep a low noise level.
I already downloaded the stock firmware as a backup using devilsclaw’s flasher and flashed a upgrade , on both versions the cd spins at the full speed during play times.
Media code speed edit won’t help because it was designed to disable riplock and not alter the read speed for audio cd’s , also staring at the firmware in hex workshop won’t help either.
I’m trying to use the drive in a DENON dvd-player , and i already tested other drives inside the unit and it recognizes them.

The dvd player : http://www.michaeldvd.com.au/HardwareReviews/Denon1500/Denon1500Front.jpg

Any help would be apreciated.