LG GSA-H10L is this any good?

Just bought this at Best Buy for a very discounted price. What are it’s strengths and weaknesses and is it worth keeping? I do want the LS feature.Thanks.

Ohhh…I’d say this a decent drive…check the following!

Sorry…I have no clue as to what those graphs mean as far as quality performance. Care to interpret in semi-laymen’s language? :slight_smile:

I’m using H10N, the drive is rather picky on DVD media. H10L may has similar behaviour as H10N.

read a few threads on the H10N and H10L in this forum
you’ll see lot’s of good opinions on these drives.

for what it’s worth, IMO it’s a good drive. i have one and am pleased with it.

the two drives are basically the same (the H10L has also LightScribe).
and it’s good on a variety of media. check those threads.

May be I got an exceptional bad drive. I cannot get a quality scan as those shown in the other links with media of same media code. My H10N already made 1 new DVD-RAM unusable (TDK brand 3x@3x) and 3 coasters DVD+R (Philips 16x@8x and TDK brand 8x@8x) out of less than 10 burns.

I can only get acceptable burn with Mitsubishi 16x@16x.