LG GSA-H10ABB 16x DVD Writer Dual Layer WTF?

i went and bought a burner for my brother. i wanted a LG 4167B but they were out of them. the dude said they got a LG GSA-H10ABB 16x DVD Writer Dual Layer. so i said will it do ram and he says yeah!

n e ways i want some info on them . i have found a bit on a link using google which seemed to suggest they are the same as LG4167B but then i have found others that suggest they are diff. they i dont really say what the diff is?

i tried to look it up on the LG website but i couldnt find it n e ware !

n e info on this would be greatly appreciated!

cheers! :confused:

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The H10A is a successor model to the 4167B. Both seem to follow the same product line. So, no, they are not identical. The H10A is so new, that it isn’t listed on some of LG’s websites.

More information on the drive can be found here :


The trailing “BB” at the end of the model number is usually just something added by most stores for stock taking purposes. It typically stands for something like “bulk, black”.

thanks m8! much appreciated! :slight_smile:

difference is that the LG GSA-H10ABB can write DVD+DL at 8x verses 6x on the 4167