Lg Gsa-h10abal

Heya, I’m using a LG GSA-H10ABAL I just installed. Just plugged it and started up comp and its all running sweet as. Recognises and reads/plays CDs and DVDs no probs.

The problem is, I want to burn off a DVD+RW in nero … but when I click to burn it stalls for a while then comes up with the error “Please insert an empty disk to write to ‘Disk required DVD R/RW’ ’ DVD in the recorder DVD+RW’”
When I try to erase the disk (theres nothing on it, I just wanted to check that wouldn’t somehow change something) it just says “This disc is not rewritable and therefore cannot be erased. Please insert a rewrittable disc”
I’m using windows XP SP2 … and previously nero did this job fine

This is pretty odd and I want to get on with burning some stuff off, anyone help me out?


maybe your media is damaged.

check the media code in Dvdinfopro. I had a damaged disc, the media code couldn’t be read properly.

Na no problem reading the media code. Thanks

What was the media code of those discs?