LG GSA H10A Won't Read Verbatim Blank DVD+RW

I recently bought a cake tub of 25 Verbatim DVD+RW (4x cert) blank media (Stock no. 43489) with the intention of backing up some old software before the originals become unusable due to damage. The drive I am using is the LG GSA H10A Firmware Rev JL02. The drive has no trouble reading any retail software or other old backups I have (mostly on CDRW), but it refuses to recognise the presence of the Verbatim DVD+RW media in the tray.

My questions to the community are:

  1. Would this problem be solved with a firmware update?

  2. Do either the LG GSA H10A or Verbatim DVD+RW media generally suffer with incompatibility issues?..or are LG and Verbatim just a bad match.

  3. If I wanted to buy a second DVD RW/RAM/HD drive and buy further blank media what would you recommend I buy?

I just want to get the best possible results and the have a drive & blank media that gives me the best possible compatibility. I have never flashed firmware before so am a little apprehensive about it. However, if the problem can be solved by updating from JL02 then I will certainly give it a try.

Thanks in advance.


It’s possible that JL02 may not have strategy support with the new DVD+RW you picked up. The latest is JL05 from LG (Device Driver > DVD-ROM(Writer)). Update the drive’s firmware and see if it will recognize the discs.

What software are you using to burn to the DVD+RW?

BLANK media cannot be read, only be recognized because they are blank.

Just use Imgburn to quick or full erase the disk, then try again burning.