LG GSA-H10A Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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I just posted the article LG GSA-H10A Super Multi DVD Burner Review.

LG’s offering with the GSA-H10A performs with good to excellent write quality on just about every media type tested with a few exceptions. The drives support for DVD-RAM truly makes this drive a ‘Super Multi Drive’.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/137-LG-GSA-H10A-Super-Multi-DVD-Burner-Review/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/137-LG-GSA-H10A-Super-Multi-DVD-Burner-Review/)

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I can only find a drive model GSA-H10N in my area. But there is no review for that drive. I was told that the drive reviewed (GSA-H10A) and the drive I find around here (GSA-H10N) are one and the same accept for the firmware being different. Is this true? Thus can I read this review and quality scans as an accurate representation of the GSA-H10N? If there is differences between these two drives due to the different firmware or other what would they be? Thank-you as always for all reviews here and TIA to anyone who can help me with my above question.

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My GSA-H10A will at times not recognize a dual layer disc and report the drive as empty. I’ve been able to burn a dual layer disc with imgburn(re-release of dvddecrypter) but the drive can’t read it. i can however read the disc on a sony dw-u18a. I have the latest firmware JL05

I have this drive, and after one year it stopped being able to burn DVDs. It would still burn CDs but had just a problem with DVD burning. I updated the firmware and this cured the problem. I’m posting this here in case someone does a search for this drive/that problem.

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