LG GSA-H10A : Post your scans and questions here

LG GSA-H10A (not H10N):doh:

*no 12x DVD-RAM , 10x DVD+R DL :sad:




With the P-CAV writing I’m assuming the drive is based on the Reneas chip?

yap. Renesas chipset

Im sorry to kickin, is the LG GSA-H10A a complete new drive from LG.

I think its wierd that BenQ isnt using the Renesas chip anymore. I thought they were moving to Panasonic with the 1670 because the Renesas chip couldnt do DVD-RAM? But here is LG using a Renesas chip with DVD-Ram capability. Very Wierd.

Its also strange that LG seem to hate bitsetting on DVD+RW media.

BenQ uses the Philips/Nexperia chipset until the DQ60 and the 1670.
LG has used the Renesas chip with a few exceptions.

Sony has special model “DW-G110A” , which is use renesas chipset ~


16x burn speed (4x->6x->8x->10x->12x->16x)

but the new model switch to Liteon oem.

(quality very bad):eek:

Sorry about that i got my wires crossed.

IS Reneas chipset better than Panasonic? Any review on this H10A yet? Is it better than LG 4167B? Thks for any advices…

Renesas chipsets were used in LG’s GSA-4163B and 4167B burners, both of which have very good burn quality.

Previously, any burner which used a Panasonic chipset had awful burn quality and sometimes would not be booktyping/bitsetting. People used to run screaming from any drive that had a Panasonic chipset as a result. However, LG’s GSA-4166B uses a Panasonic chipset and it manages to produce good burn quality as well. It is the only writer I know of with a Panasonic chipset that has such good burn quality. Note that the lightscribe version of the H10A, the H20L also uses a Panasonic chipset.

So it is hard to say which is better. If you compare LG’s Renesas chipset writers to their Panasonic chipset writers, it is a tough fight as both seem to be give good burn quality. However, if you compare LG’s Renesas chipset writers with other manufacturers’ writers using Panasonic chipsets, the Renesas chip wins hands down.

No reviews on the H10A yet, AFAIK. It’s too new. The H10A seems to be the successor to the 4167B.

In that case, can I presume that this drive also can’t do quality scanning?

^Yep, I think you can :wink:

I should think so. I’ve never come across any LG writer that can do quality scanning.

Could you post one or two more 16x P-CAV burn screenshots showing burn times… 5:52 for a 4.23 GB image means 6:00 give or take a second for a full 4.38 GB. This is about 25 seconds longer than it takes to burn a full +R disc in a 4163B. I hope that’s an isolated event and H10A is faster but this looks more like 4167B lead-in time than 4163B.

More scans please :smiley:

Agree :bigsmile:

For those who are interested in this new LG, here are some scans done in the last couple of days. My GSA-H10A was manufactured in January 2006 in China and came with the JL01 firmware which I upgarded to JL02 and JL03 for testing. The media used were burned at the maximum speed using CDSpeed Create Data Disc. Scannings were done with the BenQ 1650 using CDSpeed and SONY DW-G120A (rebadged Liteon SHM165P6S) using Kprobe.

  1. MCC 004, Verbatim brand 16X DVD+R
  1. YUDEN000T02, Fuji brand 8X DVD+R
  1. RICOHJPN R03, Memorex brand 16X DVD+R
    12X is the maximum speed allowed
  1. MCC 003, Verbatim brand 8X DVD+R
    The CDSpeed scan is only partially done. Didn’t bother to do the whole scan :Z