LG GSA-H10A Firmware

I have an LG GSA-H10A with the firmware JL04, wich i belive is the latest, official by LG.
I´m having some issues with DVD, especially opening them takes alot of time.
I belive there is an alternative firmware, that can turn the H10A into an H10N eith faster UDMA.
Ok the question is:
Should i use that firmaware? Can i go back to the JL04 firmware is the alternative one doesn´t work for me?
ANd where can i find that firmware?
Many thanks

Hi herculesx and welcome to CDFreaks. See this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=177603 This post has the Firmware for crossflashing your drive and the JJ11 FW will flash your H10A to H10N and UDMA4. Please be aware that doing this will void your warranty.:wink:

Thank you for the quick reply:)
Since the warranty is voided, i´m going to try other official firmware. If i can ask since the one i´m using is the latest version, were can i find other firmware that does not void the warranty and if possible that lets me rolleback to previous versions in case something goes wrong?
Many thank;)

I just tried to log onto several LG sites (for Firmware) and they seem to be down at the moment. But you can get the firmware from most LG sites when they are working, and flashing to a prior revision shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t tried JL04 so I can’t say for sure that this is your problem. Is your drive operating in UDMA 2 at the moment?

The main issue is that it takes some time to recognize DVD. The issue is in data as in movies DVD.
I´l try other firmware and see how it goes.
And yes the drive is at UDMA 2.
Once again thanks or the help:)