LG GSA GH22 not found , this is disturbing!

Hi all ,

I live in Iraq , lately bought a new LG GSA GH22 drive (A week ago) and as I know it supports both LightScribe and SecurDisc functions and that’s one of the main reasons I bought them other than being 22X with the ability to write DVD-RW/± & …

I already have a driver disc that came with the drive (A yellow labeled disc) with PowerDVD , PowerProducer , Nero Express (with LightScribe Support) , inCD and Acrobat Reader.

The problem with that CD is that the only software included is PowerDVD and the rest are not available , as I spotted on the drive the LightScribe logo there , I visited the download section on LightScribe.com and downloaded LightScribe System Software version and also I managed to download a copy of SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe 5.

The problem here is that my device is not recognized by the software is a LightScribe compatible drive , the LightScribe Control Panel says No LightScribe drives found although I have Net framework 3.5 and I am running Windows Vista.

I also Downloaded the latest LightScribe Diagnostic utility version and It showed me the same error.

What I am looking for is the proper software that can run my drive and allows me to print labels on LightScribe compatible discs with no problems like this.

Thank you in advance,

Yesar Almaleki - Basra

I have a similar problem. I have the same model of burner and have just downloaded the LSS. I have Surething for labeling.
Neither the LS control panel nor Surething recognize the LG as being an LS drive.