LG GSA/GCA/GWA-4166B, 4164B, 2166D, 2164D Quality Scans

I’ve had a hard time finding quality scans for these LG drives based on the Panasonic chipset, so let’s get this under way.

[HP DVD740b|DVD740e|DVD840b|DVD840e are rebadged 4164B|4166B drives as well.]

Two Memorex-branded 16x DVD+R, RICOHJPN R03.

Burned at 12x P-CAV [external enclosure can’t reliably reach 16x].

Surprisingly good quality for this media.

Dynex-branded 8x DVD+R, RITEK R03.

Burned at 4x-8x Z-CLV.

Sony-branded 16x DVD-R, TYG03.

Burned at 12x P-CAV.

Very bad quality, compared to other drives. The problems only show up in the CLV portion of the burn, so hopefully it burns better at 16x CAV.

5169? Maybe someone could do such and post them here, would be nice. :wink:

I’m not sure but I suspect that the 5169D might be a Renesas chipset based drive rather than a Panasonic chipset based one.

Maybe. I’ve read a review months ago, result was good.

You are right… based on the odd model number, more likely than not it’s Renesas. Maybe a topic title correction is in order.

Fujifilm-branded 8x DVD+R media, YUDEN000 T02 [TG00125].

From the bottom of a 50-pack, where the last 3-4 discs are exhibiting minor nicks and scratches responsible for elevated PIFs. New discs with the TG001159 code will follow shortly.

Burned at 4x-8x Z-CLV.

Nexxtech-branded 8x DVD-R media, CMC MAG. AE1.

Burned at 4x-8x Z-CLV.

Done. :slight_smile:

Fujifilm-branded 8x DVD+R media, YUDEN000 T02 [TG00159].

New 10-pack of TG001159, better result, as expected.

Burned at 4x-8x Z-CLV.

Verbatim-branded 16x DVD+R media, MCC 004. 16x CAV burn. Excellent quality.

Verbatim-branded 2.4x +R DL media, MKM 001, burned at 4x.

6x speed was also available, but I didn’t bite :slight_smile:

Verbatim-branded 8x +R media, MCC 003, burned at 8x.

MID: TYG02 Silver Thermal #158
Type: DVD-R 8x rated
Burned at: 8x speed
Drive/Firmware: LG GSA-2164D/1.01

Hi, I would like to know If LG drive are good scanners? (I have pioneer burner but It seems that It’s not a good scanner from what I’ve heard…)
Thanks :slight_smile:

LG drives cannot perform quality scans at all.


Well, some LG DVD-ROMs and Combo drives can do scanning (but the DVD burners can’t), but scans made with combo drives or readers are not comparable to scans made with DVD burners!
Get a Litey or BenQ for scanning :slight_smile:

Platinum CD-R Plasmon 97m27s18f
LG GSA-2166D fw.1.01
Nero 2016 x16