LG GSA E60N vs Lite -On DX20A4PU

Hi everyone
I’m Greek ,an MD specialising in Radiology and MRI scanning,and new to the site and forum so first I want to send you greetings from Greece.

Here is my problem.I recently bought an HP notebook that came with a Pionner DVD RW DVR-K17B
Since I had some problems with that drive I decided to buy an external one.
After searching the local Greek stores it seems that these are my options:

-Lite -On DX20A4PU

Which one do you think is the best?Please bear in mind that the only criteria for my decision is quality burnings with cds and dvds that will last in time.I just have some valuable data from my patients ,mostly xray’s and scans ,that I want to keep for my archives.Burning or reading speeds are of no importance.(But I think I read somewhere in your site that slow readers are able to read more easily old and/or scratched media.I don’t know if that’s true but since I have some old CDs that maybe will be a deciding factor also)

I have searched in your site but I’didn’t find any information about these drives in the “reviews” or “hardware” section of this site.So I hope that someone out there can help me.
Anyway thank you for your time.I would love to hear your opinion and excuse me for the long post.

I think that the GSA-E60N will burn better with CDs [at speeds around 32x and lower], as the LiteOn 20A4P has a bit of an issue with writing CDs with a good end quality sometimes [at most/any speeds].

Both drives are good with DVDs as long as using good media, such as Verbatim/Mitsubishi or Taiyo Yuden/That’s. The LiteOn usually handles poor media writing better than the LG, though.

Both drives are equally good with scratched/poorly written/poorly stamped media, usually. There may be some better drives for scratched media, but I’ve had luck using my LiteOn and LG drives for poor media.

As for reviews:
The LG GSA-E60N can be compared to the performance of the GSA-H55N/H55L, as it is just a H55 in an enclosure. The only thing different would be the performance of the enclosure itself. So the closest CD Freaks review is this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f91/cdfreaks-presents-lg-gsa-h55li-securdisc-20x-super-multi-dvd-burner-mini-review-223803/ , and the H50N shouldn’t be very far off in quality, except that it is only an 18x max drive: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f91/cdfreaks-presents-lg-gsa-h50n-18x-super-multi-dvd-burner-review-223470/

The LiteOn DX20A4PU can be compared to the LH-20A1P [roughly] or DH20A4P, as the 20A4P and 20A1P are very close in hardware [almost the exact same drive], and the external is just an internal drive in an enclosure. Again, the only difference would be the performance of the enclosure itself. So the closest CD Freaks review is this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f44/cd-freaks-presents-lite-lh-20a1p-super-allwrite-review-217053/