LG GSA-E50L 8x Slim Portable External First Look



I just posted the article LG GSA-E50L 8x Slim Portable External First Look.

The LG GSA-E50L is a sleek external CD and DVD writer.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/15093-LG-GSA-E50L-8x-Slim-Portable-External-First-Look/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/15093-LG-GSA-E50L-8x-Slim-Portable-External-First-Look/)

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This is the one that i have. It was working fine until I took it off the computer to let my daughter borrow it. Now I cannot get it to work again. Am I hooking it up to the wrong USB ports??? I have two cables off of it and trying to hook into a regular computer, not a laptop. thanks.


Does anyone know if this is available as an internal laptop drive?


yes as the T20L without securedisk


This may be a stupid question but does this also play dvds? I have the Acer mini and wanted one that I could use with it to watch dvds. I probably wouldn’t be using it to write anything. Is there something cheaper that is as portable?


Does anyone know if you can play bluray dvds on it?


Have an ACER Aspire One, and the drive works great for viewing DVDs!!! A portable, cheaper solution are jump drives or SD cards. This drive does NOT play Blu-Ray.


Can i transfer software from my HP mini net book to my 500gb external hard drive. With only 2 usb ports. it seems like i am short one USB port needed for my hard drive. should i buy a DVD rewriter with a separate power supply