LG GSA-E40L External Burner Fails to setting Book-Types for Double Layer DVDs

I just got this DVD burner with its latest SE02 firmware. But I found that it’s unable to modify Book-type for any DVD+/-R Dual Layer(DL).

Unlike the Sony one i used to have, I burned many DL discs like Sony, Fujifilm and Memorex. They were all work fine with home theater and laptop.

But the discs that are burnt with LG E40L are not read-able by my laptop combo drive and home theater cuz the Book-type is still DVD+R DL even I did set the book-type to “DVD-ROM” when I was using Nero. The problem remains. :frowning:

Book-type setting are fine on single layer discs though. What should I do ?

how are you verifying the booktyping?


[quote=DaChew;1930963]how are you verifying the booktyping?


Yep ! Nero CDspeed !

Looks like ImgBurn can set the book type correctly.