Lg Gsa-e10l

Looking for firmware for:
LG GSA-E10L external drive

Then visit the LG service site.

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Have a look at [B]The Firmware Page[/B], you’ll find the link. :slight_smile:


Currently, there isn’t any firmware update for the GSA-E10L on LG’s service websites :


Click on Device Driver->DVD-ROM(Writer) (sorry, can’t provide a direct link as the site doesn’t allow direct linking).

It’s a bit too new a model. However, you might want to try LG’s auto-update tool, which may or may not work for you. It is available from the same link above.

I see the firmware is now available. (go to lg site, click on drivers, then choose DVD writers. It is in the list ( GSA-E10L_LE06(EW).zip )

Any idea how to force this onto a H10L (the internal version). I put the H in an external enclosure and it didn’t work well for Lightscribe. I was hoping to put the E version on o see if that helps.


H10L is not E10L.
If it were so, the firmware for the other drive were already available…

E10 firmwares are indeed available.
See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=198986

I think, big_bogus wants to crossflash his internal drive with external firmware. Seems, he has to wait until TDB had a look into it :slight_smile: