LG GSA-E10L is this a drive to get or should i stay away?

LG GSA-E10L is this a drive to get or should i stay away ??



I believe that is the external version of the H10L, which is a solid drive. I can’t see any reason not to pick it up, especially if it’s on clearance since it is an older burner.

I’ve got the E10N (no LightScribe), and I’m very happy with it. :slight_smile:

its about half the price of the LG GSA-E40L thats £40 and p&p the LG GSA-E10L is £22 plus p&p all in its £25 inc postage

just looked good for a external dvdrw and price

but i look around here and see a lot of lg drives are not good on fw updates

is this true ??



I’m quite happy with my GSA-H10L myself.

That’s a really nice price for the E10L. I paid £39 for my E10N :doh: (which has been pretty good on FW updates, BTW. It had JE05 when I got it, it has JE07 now).

I’d pay that for an LG drive, IMO they’re quality burners.

How is the bitsetting on this drive?

DVD+R and DVD+R DL have bitsetting support.

thank you as i have sent for one they have now gone up to £40
always wanted one but just never got one but the price looked good :slight_smile:

thanks again for the info all as always good help from the members and mods of this forum :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, enjoy your drive :smiley:

That’s a fine amount of drives in your sig, BTW :iagree:

yup some good drives some not so good lol but old now did not keep up with them as you know they change so quick more into messing with my pc than playing games got into ocing now lol thats been funny

would like to know how to do reports on drives and media so i can post but i could never get into it all the info i ever got looked of no use lol :slight_smile:


Hi can I please ask where did u find the LG GSA e10L at £25 inc postage? Thanks