LG GSA-5169D won't recognize DVDs

Newbie here so apologies up front. I have spent hours searching the web and this forum for a solution to this problem and hope that some one here can help.

I have recently bought an LG GSA-5169D external DVD/CD rewriter. This is the unit that comes with “one-touch” software allowing you to easily transfer analogue video to DVD. The unit is second hand and in very good condition, the previous owner assures me that it worked fine for him!

I have a Toshiba Tecra laptop running windows XP with all the latest upgrades. I have installed the onetouch software, inluding the patch available from the LG website.

When I connect the unit (via a PCMCIA USB adapter) as the main USB port is broken, it is recognized by windows and it finds and loads all the drivers. In windows explorer it is correctly identified.

The unit will play CDs and I can burn to a CD.

The problem is DVDs - it just doesn’t seem to recognize them at all. I have tried a pre-recorded Phillips DVD+R, blank TDK DVD-RW and blank Fujifilm DVD-RAM. In all cases the drive does not recognize that a disc has been inserted. In windows explorer it just shows no disc. Yet CDs work fine?!

Can anyone help?

Try the USB drive on another machine. If the problem remains it’s a hardware failure.