LG GSA-5169D Won't read / write DVD discs

Hello people,
I need someone to help if there’s a solution to this problem I’m encounter with my LG DVD burner. This is External LG dvd burner which use to work perfectly and it just stopped reading and writing to dvd blank discs, though the it works fine with the cd discs. Can someone help? I am really desparate.



I’ve got exactly the same problem with this model. Tried to connect to other PCs still the same. It can read and write CDs but DVD media is not recognized even if it’s original video disc. Any other options apart from sending the unit to the supplier? I’m using Win XP SP2. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hey there guys,
Unfortunately, I’m having the same problem as you do. Specifically, my GSA-5169D won’t read at all DVD-R [I think it did at first] and for the past three days, whenever I try to write to a DVD+R, every Burning software I use says that my top speed is 4x and then it fails to write. Tell me that you have an answer, plz!!!

Noone has answer to this problem? I have LGH22N internal drive that had this problem for ages. Can read/wrtie CDR/RW but fails to recognize blank DVDs or even retail DVDs…

You could try this in another PC.
If it still doesn’t work, then it might be defective. In this case, use the warranty. :slight_smile:

It could be that the burner’s firmware needs updating. Sounds like it doesn’t support the media, so is falling back to a default write strategy (often 2.4x or 4x). Default strategies are usually not good, which would explain the failed burns at that speed.

Did you buy or start a new spindle of media at about the same time this started happening?

If none of this applies as you have the latest firmware or whatever, then follow Evilboy’s advice. :slight_smile:

im now one of you guys…

i lost my warranty card… huhuhu. i have been using this drive i guess for seven months… WTH! waste of money…!!!