LG GSA-5169D Recorder won't give me sound

I just purchased the LG 5196D one touch dvd recorder. I’ve used their Powerproducer Software to take hi-8 video directly from my camcorder to disk. So far - I get the images to show up (although they are not as clear as on the video) - but no sound. I’m using an s-cable along with an input from the audio on the camera to the LG burner. I’m new at this - what am I doing wrong. Unfortunately LG gives virtually no instructions on use. Thanks for your help!

Maybe you need to install an appropriate codec or software.

Ok - I’ll look into it - but I’m a novice here…what is codec and what type of software? There were 2 discs that I installed with the LG device.

What output format have you chosen?

im having the same problem, the vidio is great but no sound, Did anyone advise you what to do?