LG GSA-5163D Triple format DVD Burner

This was a perfect review. You covered everything very clearly. Much thanks.

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LG '“ South Korea was kind enough to send us their latest external DVD-writer; the LG GSA-5163D Super multi DVD Writer. This drive supports 16x DVD+R/-R writing, 8x DVD+RW, 6 DVD-RW, 5x DVD-RAM and 4x DVD+R9 DL writing technology - allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written.

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OC-Freak would you say there are really big advantages to buying a device of this kind, compared to say, take an equivalent LG and put it in an external USB 2.0 casing? Especially considering the big advantage in price that this last option offers. Sure it’s really more convenient and tiny, but is it worth paying more in your opinion?

LG does it again :g:g:g Great writer and a great review. If LG make better firmware-support the LG-drives should be the absolute best

Yes - with this external case you actually reach 16x writing speed. With many cases for sale in stores you do not reach 16x reading/writing due to different reasons. The GSA-5163D is also optimized for working in an external enclosure. Take an GSA-4163B and put in the same case - I doubt you will be able to reach 16x at USB at least. 16x on firewire may work. This is because LG have optimized the GSA-5163D firmware to work at max with this enclosure. And to be honest - this is the first drive I’ve had that actually reach REAL 16x speed on USB2 - regardless of drive and enclosure (yeah I have lik 5-6 different enclosures). All respect to LG for really testing that transfer rates could be reached like expected - unlike Samsung ang NU with their external writers which can only reach around 13-14x before slowing down. Very dissapointed that NU and Samsung is marketing 16x external drives that can’t reach 16x. So yes - in my eyes it’s worth it - buying this drive brings you a drive that is fully tested at both USB and firewire - I did not have a single problem with USB or Firewire while testing. Buying a drive x + enclosure x will in most cases lead to problems in a way or another.

It took my 5163D (firmware A102) 14m 18s and 12m 38s (about 4x speed) to write to Verbatim (MCC004) 16x +R DVDs, the only 16x media I could find locally. I am using Nero 6.6 software and a firewall conection. Also, as noted, it will write only at the stated speed for -R media although my 8x TDK burner would write at 8x using 4x TY(Fuji), Verbatim and TDK -R media, so it is faster there than the 16x LG. It will burn 8x +R media (Maxell) at 12x. Before I retun it to Samx Club, how did you get the firmware upgraded to A103? I only see firmware upgrades for the internal model on LG’s US website, and this version can not recognize my external drive, thus, preventing any attempt at upgrading the firmware…:frowning:

http://www.lge.co.kr/library/opendata.jsp?p_name=GSA-5163A103(KW)1.zip GSA-5163D fw A103. Tried the drive on USB2?

Post the details of your problem on LG forum. :slight_smile:

looks like it beats 1click dvd copy in every way… http://www.best-dvd-burning-software-reviews.com/dvd-burner-chart.asp :g

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