LG GSA-5163D problem with CDs

I have been using this writer for almost a year now and I have no problems burning DVDs with it… But when I try to burn CDs, I can’t.

When I try to burn CDs with Nero, it keeps asking for a blank CD even if there is already one inside. It happens all the time and I’ve used all sorts of different CD-R media.


Btw, my firmware is A104.

Does it recognize CD-RW? Does it read burned CDs? Does it read pressed CDs?
If it doesn’t, it’s a case for warranty. Hurry up before it expires. :wink:

I had a problem with my LG a while back where it would lock the whole computer up If I put any type of CD into it, I dont know ‘100%’ what the cause was but after many things I replaced the ASPI using Force ASPI… and that sorted things for me.

Get Nero CD speed and use the Disk info tab to read the info/check the disk is really blank, ImgBurn can also tell you some useful info about the state of the drive.

Nothing else changed or new ???
New drivers, used a Sony disk ?