LG GSA-5163D or Sony 810ul?

I am trying to decide which external dvd burner to purchase. I have narrowed it down to two:

LG GSA-5163D or Sony 810ul, External drive?

If you have another reccommendation, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!!

Both are good, solid drives.

LG 16x P-CAV burns will be about 30-40 seconds faster, but Sony can be flashed with MCSE-patched BenQ DW1640 firmware that will give you full-speed 16x CAV reading [810UL has a BenQ drive inside]. LG I believe reads DVD±R at 10x CAV, and DVD9 at 8x CAV, so if you intend to do a lot of reading, the cross-flashed Sony may be a better choice.

Thanks for the response.

I will probaby do most reading with TV’s DVD player or laptop’s (HP dv1000) internal drive. So, I guess the LG is a better choice for me, considering price.

Does anyone have other External DVD Burner reccomendations that might be a better choice?

LG is a triple format DVD burner, also supporting DVD-RAM. :slight_smile:
A very good “all-around” drive for common users in my opinion.

Read this review by OC-Freak.

Let us not forget that a cross flashed 810UL->BenQ DW 1640 will do quality scans. The 5163 will not.

However, the 5163 is DVD-RAM capable and the 810UL is not. So it comes down to which is more important to you, quality scans or DVD-RAM capability.