LG GSA-5163D A103 not writing



I have been using Maxwell x8 DVD-R discs with my Sony DRU-510 x4 drive without any problems.I have just purchased the LG GSA-5163D and I have tried to write vob files to these discs in DVD-Video mode using Nero and sometimes get 43% of the way when Nero seems to hang.Does this drive not like this media or should I use another brand.


I used to have this problem,when burning data using nero, and it hangs at a certain percentage. But when I used other softwre to burn the same data, it works.

After I reinstall the OS and using nero to burn again, it works for me. It could be some system files that is needed by nero has been corrupted.

Never try on vob file yet.


Hi! I have the same problem, colud you solve it?

dtsl: what sw did you use?


First find out whether it’s a media or software problem.

Hm. Maxwell or Maxell?


It’s probably Maxell. I’ve come across quite a lot of people who have gotten the name wrong over the years. They spell it as Maxwell because that is how they pronounce it.


LOL I tought Maxwell is a brand. =)