LG GSA-5120D USB 2.0/Firewire PROBLEM

I have an external LG GSA 5120D USB 2.0/Firewire. I use the firewire connection as I dont have usb2 but I Have problem burning DVD as after a complete a few percentage the light of the drive continue to flash but the progress is locked and even waiting long time the dvd never complete the burning. Everytime I need switch off the drive, reboot the Laptop and try again. Lately I trash more than 50% of DVD and even after updating the firmware and changing support I still have the same problem. I used Verbatim 8X and Yuden 8x and with both I’ve been unlucky. Anyone experienced something similar? :sad:

As far as I know, your problems may be caused by using that USB 1.1 interface. I’m not sure you can burn properly using USB 1.1 and if you can, the fastest you can go is probably 4x. I don’t think USB 1.1 can handle any more than that.

Why don’t you just buy a USB 2.0 interface card? They are quite cheap from what I have seen, whether for a laptop (PCMCIA) or a standard desktop.

4x is only possible with CD media on USB1.1.
It’s really useless for dvd burning!

Thanks but I tried USB 2.0 and fails…same firewire, it’s not very reliable dvd burner as I used the recommended support Verbatim and Yuden and both fail even 4x…