LG GSA-5120D skipping and artifacts

hi, I’m using an LG GSA-5120D for Memorex DVD-R 8x discs. When I burn DVD’s to the Memorex discs and I try to play them in my DVD player, I experience a lot of artifacts and skipping. The only burn speed that the discs allow me to use is 4x, which I think is low enough to produce a good burn.
Before I burn anything, I restart my computer so the RAM is free, and there are no programs running in the background. Yet, my DVDs are coming out terribly. Any suggestions?

Memorex - burn them really SLOW or skip them for better media.

Yup, I agree with chef. If you can’t get to play on your DVD player even after burning them at 4x, it generally means the discs are at fault. Please try some other discs, preferably from a brand which does not randomly change manufacturers for its discs like Memorex.

so you’re saying if I use good media, then the artifacts and skipping would most likely disappear? And what media do you reccomend for my burner?


Any 8x-rated media that says “made in Japan” on its packaging, or Verbatim-branded media (made in Taiwan) is a good start. (The reason you don’t want 16x media is because your drive may support it at only 4x… flashing with the latest firmware may help, but sticking with 8x media is simpler.)

If you are in the U.S., try whatever is on sale starting tomorrow… Verbatim at OfficeMax, Sony at CompUSA for about $15 a 50-pack.

Again, without going into details, the simple rule for buying quality media is to look for Verbatim made in Taiwan, or any package (Sony, Fujifilm, Maxell-branded) that says “made in Japan.”

I heard that Taiyo Yuden is a good brand. There is a package of 16x Taiyo Yuden that I was planning to get, but then you said that 16x wouldn’t be a good idea for my burner. My LG burner’s top burn speed is 12x. Thanks for the help btw

TY media is indeed very good. 8x Sony DVD+R, 8x Fujifilm +R and -R are TY media if the package says made in Japan. You can also find unbranded 8x TY online… check the CD Freaks Bargain Basement, and threads like this: Taiyo Yuden 8x -r (TYG02),100@ $35.99 free shipping.

okay I’ve found a good some good 8x Taiyo Yuden discs
thanks for all of your help! You have no idea how frustrated I was before this :smiley:

I have the gsa 5120D I used both yuden 8x and verbatim 8x, I’m able to burn only using usb1.1 as firewire and usb2.0 are too fast and during the burning the dvd lock and doesnt progress… crap burner or crap support??

If you are in the US, RIMA is one of the most trusted dealers of TY discs in this forum. It’s on the list of dealers in the page you posted above.