LG-GSA 4611b shows as LG GSA-2611


I transplanted my external LG-GSA 2611 into my computer.
It clearly is a GSA-4611b drive and I would like to update it with the newest firmware 1.02 RPC1.
Is there a way to change the ID of the drive?
Then it would be easy to update the firmware.
In the flash program from LG is a ini file that i modified to accept the “2166” but i will not patch the drive.

Thank you for your help.

Hi and Welcome!

seems you’re confused by the numbering scheme :slight_smile:
Internal drive is 4166, external version is 2166. If I remember correctly, then there exists a way to crossflash 4166 to 2166 (or vice versa).
You might search this forum using the terms 4166 crossflash, perhaps there is even a note in the LG burner FAQ on top of this very forum.



Thank you

Everything works perfect now.

You’re Welcome :slight_smile: