LG GSA-4168B with lightscribe

Found an article that mentioned the 4168B with lightscribe due out October in the UK.
Exactly the same specs as the 4167B (due out September in the UK) but with lightscribe.
Look here for a nice feature/speed table of different drives.
No mention of my 4165B though.

Well, there were posts around saying that the 67b would come with Lighrscribe support.
So lets see, if it will be the 68b to do it. Anyway, its strange that we don’t have the 67 yet (mid August) and the 68b will sell in the UK by October - keeping the 5x RAM when NEC already announces 16x.

LG seem to be lagging behind, it ofcourse can’t get too carried away as the 16x DVD-RAM standard is yet to finalised ?
I assume that NEC would just need to make a new Firmware for the new standard.

Also there is no hurry yet as it will be ages before there is any media that will burn @ 16x.
It will become a media at that speed, there won’t be any need for ±RW disks

I also see a mention of the 5173B this might be the 16x model.

It may pay to wait a little for the new standard to finalise and the new drives to appear.
As the 5165/67/68 might be very short lived models.

Yes we see prices coming down and new drives having short lives, and it can be the trend for DVD drives as new formats lineup at the horizon.
If we read the news about HD discs being made at DVD-R production lines (today at http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12259) we can see why it happens…but for the final consumer a drive has to last more than a couple of month, and if we think about the companies having some models ahead in their portfolios its a sad story to our pockets health.

Yes they are sad times, my 4165 is old before it was ever officially released.
I suppose I shouldn’t complain it’s better than the 4163B (just) that I ordered, but knowing the 4167B is already here does dampen the spirit.

Where? The 16 in 5163 and 4167 means 16x speed for write-once DVD media.

The drive is forsale here http://www.pasoq.co.jp/shopping/1000962701
maybe it’s 17x burning :slight_smile:

And there we go again, there is a post referring a new model - GSA-4166B - as being the first with LightScribe… not the 68. And it is at Hitachi-LG site…this story of LG new models is becoming rather strange!!!