LG GSA 4167BAL firmware

im trying to find a firmware update that will make my LG drive region free, anyone know where i can find this???

help would be appericated

The Dangerous Brothers’ site.

What is BAL here??
B is black, ok. But AL?

I downloaded DL13 from the dangerous bros site but im still getting the same message saying that there is a region conflict and i have run out of lives to change region.

Any ideas??

it is not region free fw it is only autoreset, so if u change region 5 time u have now 0, so there is nothing to reset, because TDB fw restore the value befor upgradeing the firmware

ok cool, so now is there a way of getting rid of this change region message?
is there any firmware out there that will basically make my dvd-r region free??

You really need to use something like DVD Genie (from DOOM9.ORG) to make your DVD playback software region free.

No, DVD Genie typically works only with RPC1 firmware, not auto reset.

Newbie_pirate, reflash with the RPC1 version of DL13 and get hold of DVD Genie (freeware, easily found with Google). See if that does the trick.

ok ill give that ago…

just to clear up the original problem :

im using dvd shrink to copy a dvd, when i try to rip the dvd i get the region error message. it let me change the region twice before but thats it. now i cant copy using dvd shrink.

Thanks 4 ur help

There’s Slysoft’s AnyDVD anyway, maybe you should try that…

Yup, your use of your drive is the typical case where RPC1 firmware is the most practical option. With RPC1 firmware, DVD Shrink will not ask you to change the region at all.