LG GSA-4167B won't record higher than 1x with imation DVD-RW

the DVD-RW doesn’t have written any reference speed on the label, i tested the disc in other older release branded dvd burner (lite-on) in the same system using the same burning software (nero 7) and same settings and ide cables (DMA on for both) and the lite-on allowed to full write at 2x the same DVD without problems,

i upgraded the LG drive firmware to latest D12 i found with no help, still 1x max allowed speed from the LG.

anyone knows why this happens and how could i write the DVD-RW at the real speed it supports? according to manuals, the LG GSA-4167B supports 8x +RW and 6x -RW


Different manufacturers use different firmware, and the same DVD will not burn at the same speed on each and every burner. Some burners allow burning of certain 8x medias at 16x, and others will only allow that same media to be burned at 6x. It is all dependant on the chipset (hardware), and firmware (write strategies.).

uh i see…by the way do you know a way to force burning faster by any means?

In the DVD Burning forums there was a program that worked with some drives to alter write strats. and burn faster on some medias. I can’t remember what it was called. You can search the forum or wait for someone who knows what it is. But it only worked with some drives/firmwares.