LG GSA-4167B with Verbatim DVD+R 16x



Hi there,

When i use my LG GSA-4167b (firmware dl13) to burn Verbatim DVD+R 16x (media code MCC 004) with Nero at 8x speed it takes about 12 minutes to complete a burn?

Searching this forum tels me that burning a DVD at 8 speed will take about 7min30. Is the 12 minutes, that i get, normal for burning this media type at 8 speed? Or is this because of the use of 16x dvd’s?



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To see what happen during a burn, I suggest to use cd-dvd speed. Use nero to create an image (ISO or a NRG) file, and then use cd-dvd speed to burn the image. In this way you’ll see graphically what happen during the burning process. And also at what speed your disc is actually burned.


I have made a “Create Disk” test with nero. Can any one tell me if this is a good result…


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This test show that you can burn these media @8x. 8 min is a good time for this speed.

In the first part of the burn it’s clear that buffer have many variations, probably caused by a fragmented HD.

Probably your first burn required 12 min because your HD is too much fragmented. Try to do a defrag to see if this solve.


Thanks again for the fast reply!
My harddisk needs indeed a defrag… Tomorrow i will defrag my HD and perform a new “create disk” test with nero! I will then repost the result!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: