LG GSA-4167B Vs Samsung SH-W162C




I am going to buy a DVD Burn that supports Writing in Dual Layers DVDs. I have the option to buy the LG or the Samsung.

After reading the reviews for boths Driver, looks like the LG is superior to the Samsung, but it is not clear to me.

I will basically backup data, and write music (normal use for a home user)…

Any recomendations about what should be my decision. They are at the same price, so price is not an issue.


You’ve got the right impression, I would go with the 4167B too.


Lg all the way


didn’t the lg have some issues with audio cds? or was this fixed in dl13?



Take the LG.
Because of its DVD-RAM capability it is the best for reliable data backups (although slow due to internal verification process) you can get. Don’t forget to install the Panasonic DVD-RAM drivers, further information can be found in the LG forum here.

The 4167 had a bug concerning audio CDs, but this should have been fixed with latest firmware DL13.




I chose the samsung, as it was the only one I could get with lightscribe. I find the writing quality - as scanned with a Lite-On to be outstanding. Although from what I have read people say the LG is great.

The samsung seems to take most disks thrown at it :slight_smile:



Samsung drives don’t do too well, writing quality wise… I’d definitely take the LG.


IMO the new Samsung W162x burners have a good writing quality with most media.


Take the LG :iagree:


Get the LG - the 4167B is an excellent burner, with the latest DL13 firmware. :iagree:


@ Arachne. Which is better 110D or the LG please :confused:

Regards Tulloch


I like them both…but if pushed, I’d say the 4167 is a bit better. I think the Pioneer is a slightly better reader, though.